CNC Piercing

cnc piercing, birmingham

Our in-house high-speed Amada Vella II turret punch enables us to offer a quick turnaround of products as part of our complete sheet metal & fabrication service or for the supply of profiled blanks.

This machine is complimented with state of the art cad cam software and highly skilled staff.

Turret punching is considered a very cost-effective process. In addition to this, we have a large tooling library which often means no additional tooling costs will be added to your quotation.

A turret punch pierces holes and nibbles profiles. Tooling used is round, obround, square, rectangular, and louvre. Piercing and nibbling leaves a highly accurate & clean edge. Unlike laser cutting, punching does not oxidise the edges of the sheet or leave spatter.

Press capacity: 30 tons
Max sheet size: 2.5m x 1.25m (Auto-reposition enables longer blanks to be processed)
Sheet thicknesses: from 0.9mm to 6mm mild steel & 3mm stainless steel
Thick turret: 44 stations (2 auto index)
Punch accuracy: (0.127mm
Where laser cutting is required, we can source profiles quickly and competitively priced from trusted suppliers.

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    We have used 4 Fabrications for our bespoke requirements from small formed brackets to 3m fabrications in mild steel and stainless steel and found the quality of workmanship to be very good and the delivery times to be as quoted. Communication with the staff was quite easy and responses were detailed and informative.