Sheet Metal Work Birmingham Service: Sheet Metal Work Excellence, Precision Craftmanship.

Sheet metal work Birmingham, 4 Fabrications Ltd where skilled artisans bring your drawing and ideas to life producing high precision & exceptional craftsmanship.

4 Fabrications Ltd was incorporated in 2001, since then we have earned a reputation for producing high-quality sheet metal and fabrication work. Delivering to clients throughout the UK, our sheet metal fabrication Birmingham facility is well equipped to execute every project to perfection. Products are manufactured to customers drawings to the highest standards. 4 Fabrications Ltd is renowned for providing excellent customer service and adapting to customer’s requirements.

Regardless of the size of a project, be it a one-off or batch work, 4 Fabrications Ltd offer the same personal service and guarantee of quality. Our expert team use their skills and extensive experience in the trade to produce a wide range of high precision sheet metal and fabrication work with an excellent finish. We are focused on providing a quality service at a competitive price. 4 Fabrications Ltd is focused on achieving project deadlines which we believe are vital to the success of our customer’s businesses.

4 Fabrications Ltd work with various metals including stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel, and in a range of thicknesses, grades and finishes. We work closely with our customers to transform their drawings and designs into solutions using a blend of knowledge and proficiency. When required we offer our solutions to improve upon their designs and solve problems.

Located in Hockley, Birmingham our factory is ideally situated close to the Midland motorway network enabling us to supply throughout the UK using our own transport or via a courier service.

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Sheet metal fabrication in Birmingham

If you are looking for professional sheet metal fabrication company in Birmingham, that not only services Birmingham, but also supplies throughout the UK, 4 Fabrications Ltd have many years of experience in sheet metal fabrication, working for a wide range of industries. We offer a complete range of services including welding, folding, profiling and shearing to commercial customers across the region and throughout the UK. Our sheet metal fabrication Birmingham service is a complete ‘one-stop shop’ and all parts & components are finished to the highest standards, quality and workmanship. We work closely with all our customers to ensure our results are exactly what they need and have come to expect.

Over the years our reputation has grown and we are now known as being the go-to company for sheet metal fabrication Birmingham service.

Our metal work Birmingham service offers expert craftsmanship, producing one off bespoke fabrications and batch runs to meeting the unique needs and requirements of clients in the region.

Sheet metal fabrication in Birmingham